Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So we move to Socorro where it's supposed to be warmer. And it was warm for a while. Then we get dumped on. The little town isn't used to this much snow so school was cancled today and tomorrow. Even Tech is closed. Oh, and we got a thingy in our water bill saying "The running annual average for arsenic samples....exceeded the maximum contaminat level" But it's not a risk. I knew there was something icky about the water. Nothing beats Farmington water. So GOOD. Anyway, now I'm always thristy and when I do drink the tap water (we are too poor for bottled) I think about arsenic. But, we love Socorro.....

On a different note, if you want to see some of my crafty crap, visit I just posted an owl I sewed. And as I was posting I tried to write about sewing and how I wasn't a big sewer, but that word: sewer, doen't that also spell the thing your toilet flushes into?

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Traci said...

holly- u r funny! yeah for snow, join us since we have so much! my kids have had tons of snow days this year!